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More scrutiny needed of school board

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  • May. 10, 2018 - 5:52 AM

Most taxpayers constantly complain about taxes and waste, graft, kickbacks and more but never seem to act, just complain.

Recently our paper ran an article concerning work on county school athletic fields. At the April meeting of the Coweta BOE, one board member questioned the cost and other related concerns. In my opinion, she was not treated very nice. In my recollection, no other member questioned any part of the work to be done. It seemed to me that the fix was in before the meeting began.

An eight person committee was previously formed to study and recommend what was needed at the schools, as I understand what was said at the meeting. After asking a few, I can't find anyone who knows any member of this committee. Also, as I understand, the company to be employed to do the work offered a guarantee not nearly as good as another company.

If I remember correctly 14-16 companies attended the pre-bid meeting but only two submitted bids.

Time for job completion seemed to be a big factor as if nothing else mattered. All of a sudden it is necessary to do the work ASAP.

The average final bid price – includes work for total project – for one Cherokee County field is $816,000. The average base price – includes work only on the fields and track – for one Coweta County field is $1,496,532.  

Of course, more work is in Coweta's cost estimate, but the difference is great. Our fields must have been allowed to badly deteriorate for some reason.

Please, quickly, consider the candidates running for school board and vote wisely.  

Keith Crosby