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Good parenting, conversation missed

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  • May. 24, 2018 - 12:44 AM

In 2014 the death of Michael Brown, the young man from Missouri, by a police officer doing his duty created riots, burning, and discord nationwide.

The officer was later found innocent of any wrong and acted to save his own life. In 2014, 125 other police officers were killed. Including 2014 'till now, according to my best efforts, I have found that over 600 officers have been killed or died in the line of duty. Unless you were related to or a friend of one of these, I'll bet you can't name two of them.

School shootings, police killings, black-on-black killings; my simple mind and remembrance of the past cannot accept that the children are totally at fault. Parents who refuse to discipline a child, a judge who fines and/or imprisons a parent who does discipline their child are the direct blame for most of these problems. I don't mean to imply that abuse is to be tolerated. I am talking about the paddling, belting, occasional peachtree limb, the type that most of my generation received and became the better for it.

I am so thankful that my Mother and Daddy loved me enough to correct my wrongdoings and made me work for my nickel-a-week allowance. A large percentage of my peers never got an allowance. They were fed, clothed, loved and disciplined. Now they are mostly law-abiding, productive citizens. All baskets of apples have an occasional rotten one.

One-parent homes; girls, boys, using any toilet; girls joining the Boy Scouts; no God allowed in school; computer games replacing conversation. I could keep going, but I guess you get my thoughts and point. Direct adult conversation seems a thing of the past, too, as so many couples sit and eat while using their Smartphones, hardly ever looking up except to catch an occasional bite.

Keith Crosby