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Coweta Votes: Final numbers

  • By Sarah Fay Campbell
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  • May. 24, 2018 - 5:48 AM

Coweta Republicans overwhelmingly expressed their support for allowing local school teachers who have weapons licenses to carry their guns on school grounds. 

Eighty percent of voters – 8,305 – voted yes on a ballot question about allowing teachers to carry guns, one that was placed on the primary ballot by the Coweta Republican Party. Ballot questions are purely for gauging public opinion and are placed by local parties. 

Local Republicans voted no on a question asking if Georgia should give $5 billion in incentives to bring Amazon’s second headquarters to the state. The vote was 65.31 percent against offering that amount in incentives. 

Final vote totals in Coweta from Tuesday’s election are as follows: 

Local Races

Board of Education District 1 at Large: Larry Robertson, 64.93 percent, 8,565 votes to Loreli Scott, 35.07 percent, 4,627 votes. 

Board of Education District 1: Amy Dees, 65.17 percent, 1,968 votes to Sandi Haner, 34.83 percent, 1,052 votes.

Board of Education District 3: Beth Barnett, 72.76 percent, 2,356 votes, Jan Horne, 27.24 percent, 882 votes. 

Board of Education District 4: Linda Menk, 60.88 percent, 1,752 votes, Norman Lundin, 39.12 percent, 1,126 votes. 

Coweta County Commissioners District 2: Tim Lassetter, 64.38 percent, 1,350 votes, Eddie Wilson, 35.62 percent, 747 votes. 

Georgia House of Representatives District 71, Republican: David Stover, 64.37 percent, 2809 votes, Samuel Anders, 35.63 1,555. 

Georgia House District 72, Republican: Josh Bonner, 71.01 percent, 730 votes, Mary Kay Bacallao, 28.99 percent, 298 votes. (This district is primarily in Fayette County). 

U.S. Congress District 3, Republican: Drew Ferguson, 74.38 percent, 43,343 votes, Philip Singleton, 25.62 percent, 14,930 votes. 

U.S. Congress District 3, Democrat: Chuck Enderlin, 59.88 percent, 13,595 votes, Rusty Oliver, 40.12 percent, 9,108 votes. 

State Races

Governor, Republican: Casey Cagle, 40.52 percent, Hunter Hill, 16.81 percent, Brian Kemp, 25.58 percent, Clay Tippins, 12.91 percent, Michael Williams, 4.18 percent.

Governor, Democrat: Stacey Abrams, 73.01 percent, Stacey Evans, 26.99 percent.

Lieutenant Governor, Republican: Geoff Duncan, 22.2 percent, Rick Jeffares, 27.31 percent, David Shafer, 50.49 percent. 

Lieutenant Governor, Democrat: Sarah Riggs Amico, 61.33 percent, Triana Arnold James, 38.67 percent. 

Secretary of State, Republican: David Belle Isle, 16.71 percent, Buzz Brockway, 9.33 percent, Josh McKoon, 38.29 percent, Brad Raffensperger, 35.67 percent. 

Secretary of State, Democrat: John Barrow, 52.3 percent, Dee Dawkins-Haigler, 30.96 percent, Rakeim Hadley, 16.74 percent. 

Commissioner of Insurance, Republican: Jim Beck, 62.39 percent, Jay Florence, 23.15 percent, Tracy Jordan, 14.46 percent. 

Commissioner of Insurance, Democrat: Janice Laws, 61.56 percent, Cindy Zeldin, 38.44 percent. 

State School Superintendent: John Barge, 38.15 percent, Richard Woods, 61.85 percent. 

State School Superintendent, Democrat: Sid Chapman, 38.38 percent, Sam Mosteller, 20.95 percent, Otha Thornton, Jr. 40.67 percent.