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Sound Off

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  • Apr. 14, 2018 - 7:58 AM

Sound Off

The Newnan Times-Herald

Our government has been hijacked. Republicans, where are you? Open your eyes, get our heads out of the sand. Do something before it’s too late.

Zell Miller, a former governor of Georgia and author of “A National Party No More: The Conscience of a Conservative Democrat,” passes at 86. They don’t make Democrats the way they used to. RIP.

All intel indicates Russian interference in our presidential elections. What red-blooded American taxpayer does not want to know how this happened?

So sad to see liberal indoctrination spreading to towns now.  Liberal Education & America’s Promise (LEAP) is now being taught at West Georgia. This indoctrination course is why adult babies now scream white privilege to the roof tops, require safe spaces and drugs, demanding to be heard but shut out any voice that doesn’t think like them.

Checked your mutual fund or our pension fund lately? Your money might be invested in companies that make AK-47s, bumpstocks and bullets that leave gaping wounds in innocent people.

What a shame that a writer would refer to the student movement to end gun violence, as the "emotional pleading of teenagers" and imply that they shouldn't be listened to.  These are smart and informed young adults and our future leaders. They have every right to have a say in what kind of world they inherit.

NRA: Not one member of that organization has committed mass murder. Yet liberals keep blaming them when it is liberals committing the atrocities.

Real happiness comes from doing what’s right. Sometimes wrong may seem like it’s good, but that feeling is short lived. That little thrill you got from doing wrong will add to your trouble and sadness later on.

The claim that Clinton only won 57 counties in the 2016 election is an inaccurate claim from Clinton won 57 counties in just Georgia and Texas, not to mention all the other states.

"The 15:17 to Paris" is a mediocre movie that might have been a great movie if it had not been botched by the film editor. Flashbacks should be handled with care, not a flash in the future here, followed by a narrative in the past there.

The "fake news" excuse has become tiresome. The only fake here is Trump, himself, and the fools who voted for him. The alleged leaks from the White House only identify issues that demand impeachment of electoral college elected Trump.