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  • Apr. 11, 2018 - 8:24 AM

Sound Off

The Newnan Times-Herald

Readers not happy about planned neo-Nazi rally

The National Socialist Movement, a neo-Nazi group, is planning a rally at Greenville Street Park in downtown Newnan on April 21 at 3 p.m. Local residents are not happy about it. Here are some of their responses:

I am curious as to why they must hold it here in Newnan. I think our county lives a very laid-back, cohesive life. We don't need either group interrupting that lifestyle.

I believe they chose Newnan because of our history. On April 23, 1899, one of the most brutal lynchings in history happened on the streets of Newnan.

Please go sign up for our Champion's for Children, Super Hero 5K –

They are hateful people who practice hate speech. Hope they cancel it.

It is all for the media attention. Fifteen minutes of fame seems to be everything these days.

Would we allow a terrorist organization, like ISIS, the same public land for assembly and free speech? No, we would not. So why does this terrorist group get a free pass? Because they are white? Because they vote Republican? Nazi memorabilia can get you arrested in Germany, but here in America you can have a protest in honor of Hitler, and no one can stop you?

These people should not be here in our town.

Freedom of speech means everyone gets to have their say, especially those with whom you don’t agree. That is the true test. They have the right to speak, and I have the freedom to ignore them – and I will.

When it costs you money as a taxpayer, you have a voice. This will cost the city several thousands.

The First Amendment guarantees their right to do this, whether we agree with them or not. I do not want the government deciding who has this right and who does not.

I wish it just wouldn’t happen.

This group cannot be ignored. Ignoring them just gives them great footage of an unhindered platform.

Love always conquers hate.

Let them spew their ignorance so people can see what they really stand for.

Ignoring bigotry is accepting bigotry. These people march for Trump and other Republicans. If conservatives won’t stand up to racism in its own party, then others have to.

Move on. Nothing to see here. With all the hype, they are already getting attention. Ignore, ignore, ignore.

We do not need this in Newnan. It will hurt the downtown merchants, and it will cost the taxpayers.

You can’t just ignore every problem. Be an adult and use your voice. Be an American and denounce people who believe a Nazi ideology.

There is more than enough racism in Coweta County. We do not need to add any more fuel to this fire.

Why would the mayor allow this to happen? What was his motivation? How can an unbudgeted expense of 50K-250K be forced upon Newnan citizens with no questions asked?

It's a shame we have to allow for things like this. Praying it will stay peaceful.

Think of all the fun you can have on a Saturday: spend time with friends, play sports, have a few drinks. But if you feel you are not smart enough, or talented enough, or strong enough, you can go to a park and shout, "At least I'm white!"

I hope our city continues to be accepting and stands together in the face of hate. “Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that” – Dr. MLK Jr.

I in no way support this group, but as long as it is a peaceful assembly, I fully support their First Amendment rights. They must apply equally to everyone.

Do an act of kindness on that day.

These are backwards idiots with a garbage message.

History teaches us ignoring things can lead to greater problems, like how Hitler came to power. Or think of it like a cancer, if you ignore it and don’t treat it, things will get worse. Being silent is being compliant.

My prayer is that Newnan will unite, and I firmly believe unity will be displayed.

Put up “No Bigot Parking” signs everywhere.

Remember to support our downtown business owners on April 20.

The white supremacists, Nationalists, conservative and GOP hate demonstration marches are fueled by plain fear of the inevitable browning of America cause by interracial dating. Embrace the change. You can't just shoot your grandchildren.

Silence is golden. Don't show up. Don't listen. When protesters show up to engage them, they themselves only want the publicity. Let them only hear the crickets.

Who told them our town existed and invited them and okayed their permit?

This would have probably been a non-event if the media had not gotten involved.

Don't focus on what's being said, but rather the freedom to say it. That's what's more important here.

I am disappointed to see the city of Newnan allow a group of people so filled with hate and bigotry to speak here. We should be holding our city to a higher standard, one that will never support an agenda of racism and violence.

It is best to just ignore them, stay away from their area and life will be good.

Why, oh why did the city accept a $50 pavilion rental agreement from Jeff Schoep knowing that there may be demonstrations, potential violence and possibly a huge clean-up bill?

Can anyone help me understand the violence that this group has been responsible for?

White supremacists are literally responsible for genocide.

Pray for our city and the officers who have to deal with all this.

Expose these people to the light of day. “Only light can drive out darkness.”

We as a people reject any of this racist nonsense from any hate group in our beautiful town of Newnan.

The very best thing that could happen is for them to be completely ignored. Don't give hate an audience.

I don't feel that local businesses as well as citizens should be expected to hide in our own town. Not blaming the city but I know I don't want either of these hate-filled groups in my backyard or in my business.

There's a little minority in Newnan that support this rally unfortunately. I was shopping last week, and there was a white guy wearing a shirt with the Confederate flag and saying, "If I offended you, you made my day."

If Antifa shows up, there will be an uproar.

It’s absolutely ridiculous that they were given a permit to begin with.

Unfortunately until they break the law, they can do this.

I would be more concerned with the Antifa groups showing up to protest the white nationalists. Businesses will need to hire private security to protect their property. Antifa will be the bad guys destroying anything in sight.

I wonder how many people who agree that white supremacists should be allowed to peacefully assemble and protest also condemn the NFL as un-American when players take a knee?

I moved to Newnan seven years ago. I never thought I’d see the day I’d be embarrassed to live where I live.

The whole point of them coming to these small towns is to throw people in a tizzy … and look. It's working. They are getting the attention they want.

Wonder how many of these mouthbreathers live in their mom’s basement?

Many businesses will close Saturday and need our support Friday.

I'll be doing something much more enjoyable. Better things to do with my time instead of nonsense like this.

They need to move on. We don't want them here.

It sickens me that they have chosen our beautiful community to express their hateful views. I hope our citizens will stay away to convey the message that we don’t want to hear what they have to say and want them to go away.

I hope they go as fast as they come.

I'll be keeping my police radio app on that day.

Let’s all come together and use this as a catalyst for positive change.

Why in the world would the city grant a $50 permit for a white supremacist rally? This is just asking for trouble. What about the lost revenue of downtown businesses? Were they not considered? This is just shameful, and I pray no one is injured.