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SCV for liberty, not for April 21 protesters

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  • Apr. 19, 2018 - 5:19 AM

It has come to the attention of the Georgia Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV)that a group planning a public demonstration in Newnan on April 21 has been receiving considerable attention in the local and state media.

Some in the media have contacted leaders of the SCV asking for our position on the matter. This is our response to those requests.

While this group is described by media sources as “white nationalist” and a “hate group,”

they have described themselves as “national socialists.” National socialism is a Marxist political philosophy created in Europe in the early 20th century and embraced by leaders such as Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler. The German acronym for national socialism is “NAZI.”

Their rival in madness is the so-called “Antifa,” a group that is modeled on the Russian-trained communists of the 19th century. These groups were Marxist rivals then and they still are today. Neither is worthy of sympathy, support, or your time.

The political philosophy of the United States and the Confederate States was and is liberty. It is the polar opposite of any Marxist philosophy of any kind, whether national

socialist, communist or any other guise. Many thousands of members of the SCV perished fighting to prevent these Marxists from conquering the world. Among them were Lieutenant-General Simon B. Buckner Jr., Brigadier-General Nathan Bedford Forrest III, and a great-grandson of Stonewall Jackson, all three of whom were killed in action.

Buckner was the highest-ranking American killed by enemy fire in World War II and was the son of a Confederate Lieutenant-General. Forrest was the first American general killed in the European theatre in 1943. General Forrest, the great-grandson of the famous Southern hero, died when the B-17 he was piloting exploded. He remained at the controls of the burning plane while his crew parachuted to safety. The plane exploded before General Forrest could save himself.

More poignant is the story of Colonel Thomas Jonathan Jackson Christian Jr. The great-grandson of Confederate legend Thomas Jonathan “Stonewall” Jackson graduated from West Point and served as a pilot in the 1942 Guadalcanal campaign against the Japanese.

After amassing 60 hours of combat flight time and earning a Silver Star, he was shot down. He survived in the jungle by living with the natives.

Later he was rescued and sent to Europe where he organized and led a fighter squadron.

Flying a P-51 Mustang, Christian flew 70 combat missions and was eventually promoted to colonel. His awards included the Distinguished Service Cross with three Oak Leaf clusters, the Air Medal with three Oak Leaf clusters, and the Purple Heart. Like his great-grandfather hero, Christian would not survive his war. His plane was shot down in 1944 over France and his body was never recovered.

We want it clear who we are and who we are not. The SCV and its members embrace the U.S. Constitution and the quest for liberty it represents for all Americans today. By membership in the SCV, our members assert this and stand against any form of Marxism.

We encourage all citizens of this great county and the city of Newnan to banish these groups from our presence with our absence.

Scott K. Gilbert Jr. is commander of the Georgia Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans. He is a Senoia resident.