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Trying to find blame for school shootings

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  • Mar. 06, 2018 - 6:59 PM

Everyone seems to be looking for someone/some thing to blame for the mass shootings in schools.

The "someones" have been captured or killed and the "some things" are still being aimed at gun control and the NRA.  Who really believes that there will ever be a law to control gun use and that the shooters were from the NRA?

I can agree that there should be legislation to raise the age limit to purchase weapons and more thorough background checks with a waiting period, requiring a permit from a law enforcement agency before the weapon is released to the purchaser.  In the last couple of years, I got a permit to carry and because of my worn out fingerprints there was a waiting period of over 30 days for a thorough background check (LOL).
There is enough blame to go around for many, but I would like to take my aim (no pun) at the Media - mainstream news and social.  Why do we need to know the name of the shooter and to see his picture flashed across the TV screen, computer and newspaper for days?  What purpose does it serve?  Within in a couple of hours, a reporter stated that "this is the worst mass shooting since Sandy Hook."

Somewhere there is another mentally unstable person who thinks he/she can do more and their name and image will go around the world to finally be recognized. 
 Social media – students with phones recorded the events that were later be aired by the mainstream media.  Why?  
In the "blame game", let's not leave out the violence in video games, movies, TV, clothing, magazines and books that should be under parental control.
I never had a video game. The movies ended happily – especially Dale and Roy singing "Happy Trails." TV was limited to family sitcoms. Inappropriate clothing would get you sent home from school. Comic books taught lessons to do good, and teachers told me what books I had to read and make a report. 
Sunday school and church were the important tools that taught "love one another as I have loved you.”
Pat Craven