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Sound Off

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  • Mar. 28, 2018 - 7:01 AM

Sound Off

The Newnan Times-Herald

Until Pres. Trump releases all his tax returns, I will not consider voting for any more Republican candidates for any public office. Mr. Trump has given frivolous excuses not to release his returns. Therefore, I believe he is hiding something. There should be a law requiring this of all candidates.

Trouble: Get out of trouble and try your best to stay out of it. If you are in a “little” trouble and you don’t turn it around and get out of it, you are going to get deeper and deeper.

I’ve been reading Wolff’s book. Now what’s happening in Washington makes sense. Trump is the dog who actually caught the bumper of the car.

Societal degeneration – violent video games and movies – with incessant news sensationalizing are systemic causes of school violence. Guns are just the means.

Trump is a worker, trying to help America, and a smart businessman. Obama was none of the above. Has nothing to do with Race. Obama was a coward lining his pockets. He had a great teacher, Hillary Clinton.

Coweta County’s commitment for rural integrity: Turn 300 acres over to city for a 600-house sardine development… with nice landscaping.

The Black Lives Matter Movement and Al Sharpton were vilified in the press as "Anti-Police" when they questioned law enforcement for un-armed men and boys being murdered in the streets. Now Pres. Trump is alleging that the FBI, DOJ and Special Prosecutor Mueller

are out to get him, and the usual loudmouths on the right can't muster one peep in defense of  our nationally and internationally respected law enforcement agencies.

Ban liberals and other non NRA members from owning guns and the death rate by guns will go down 100 percent.

So Trump says he would have run into the Florida school building after the shooter. And this is the guy who claimed to have bone spurs to avoid going to Viet Nam?

The Trump administration has proven itself to be a total unmitigated disaster. The GOP leadership is in free fall trying legitimize an individual who is unworthy of the office he holds, the troops he commands and the 80 percent of U.S. citizens he's failing to serve.

Here it comes, folks. A 600-home development on Poplar Road. I guess our ongoing traffic woes have been solved by the good city council. Hurray!

Only one thing explains mass shootings anywhere. I am a Vietnam vet. Thank God I had a gun or all vets would be dead. People kill people, NOT guns, knives, or bombs. Stop the gun crap.

School solution: Fence in the schools with armed guards and close off the gates in school hours.

To all Democrats: You need to shut your mouth about gun control. It’s not the gun that kills, it has to have someone to pull that trigger. So it’s somebody’s son, probably yours. Raise your children better. I sleep with a gun every night, it hasn’t killed me yet!

So, the city’s solution to our homeless problem is to build a cookie cutter, cram-as-many-middle-income-families-as-possible neighborhood?

Fact Checking: To the liberal that said Trump is a liar. The fact checking sites are all liberal ran organizations.  You’re just the typical whining liberal.

Why is it that the 5 million members of the National Rifle Association are able to hold the rest of us – 320.71 million Americans – hostage regarding gun control? Congress, we’re looking at you. Don’t we count?

To the lazy liberal whining about proof. Portland, Ore., one of the most liberal cities in the nation, is labeled by Politico as “America’s Most Politically Violent City.”

Nancy Pelosi suggests that mowing the grass at our Southern border is preferable to building a wall. Her logic: illegals can hide in tall grass.