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Sound Off

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  • Mar. 11, 2018 - 6:05 AM

Sound Off

The Newnan Times-Herald

The Georgia Legislature is petty to use Delta’s tax cut as a club to get the corporation to support the NRA, a loser organization. Delta is doing the right thing for its shareholders and customers.

Why do the two parties covet majority rule in the House of Representatives and the Senate?
It is for power to control the policy making of the U.S. government. Republicans own both Houses of Congress AND the White House, so to suggest that the shutdown is because of Democrats is a lie.
If you want life to be easy for you, you must stay out of trouble. It’s no fun being in jail or prison. It’s no fun when you are running from the law.

The answer is term limits for both Senate and House. Twelve years is enough for both.

Gosh, I sure miss Barack Obama. He would stand up to the Russians, unlike our current “leader.”

To the liberal who called Trump a dotard: Trump won 3084 counties out of 3141 counties, Clinton only won 57. Trump won 304 electoral votes to Clinton 227. Grow up, snowflake, you lost. 

Anyone been on Sen. David Perdue’s website lately? It's so ironic to see that photo of that happy little girl with Sen. Perdue when so many families are crying now because their children were killed by a mass shooter.

How far and low we have come since the Civil Rights days of the ‘60s. The truth had value back then, and a person's word carried merit.

Although we love everyone, we can’t bring everyone into this country. That’s why we have different countries. Other countries have to provide jobs for their people. You can only put so much air in a balloon. Too much and it will burst. Our president is not the president for the whole world.

The liberal/democratic rulebook: Sex, abortion, chaos, PC, division, racism, socialism, lie, cheat, rape, turn boys into girls, girls to boys, trophies for all, cry, scream, pout, resist, safe spaces, pro-Islam, pro-Antifa, pro-illegal immigration, anti-God, anti-family, anti-military/police, anti-tax cuts, anti-jobs, anti-American! Is it mental illness or Satan’s brainwashed puppets?

While doing nothing about mental health, Trump has made it easier for the mentally disturbed to purchase assault rifles. He recently rolled back an Obama-era law that required the mentally ill to register with the FBI in order to prevent them from buying weapons. When it comes to making our schools safer, Trump is batting zero.

Who is paying for the secret service protection for Obama and his family while he globe trots around the world bad mouthing America? The taxpayer.

The letter writer who says Trump is the best president since Ronald Reagan is sadly mistaken. Trump had numerous affairs with women during his marriages and then paid them off to keep quiet. Among them, a porn star and a Playboy bunny. Who would have believed them? Next up, Trump and the Russian prostitutes.

Kids, do your best in school. Make something out of yourself. 

My saying that global warming was over when the temperature here was 18 degrees was a joke. A defense mechanism I have makes me joke about serious matters beyond my control. If you didn't think it was funny, I apologize. 

There was a program about the Louvre on TV. A painting entitled "Bonaparte visiting the Pest-house at Jaffa" was commissioned by Napoleon to quell rumors that he had euthanized soldiers suffering from Bubonic plague. Maybe we should have someone paint a picture of Barack Obama healing the sick. 

You want to see people do well in life. You don’t want anyone to destroy themselves, and you want to see them trying hard to make a good living. Wish the best for everyone. 

Thank you, Keith Crosby. Finally, a letter that makes sense. We have to read Trump bashing everyday. It is getting old. Grow up, and take control of your kids. Quit blaming gun control for these atrocities.