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Restaurant inspections

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  • Mar. 08, 2018 - 8:47 PM

Restaurant inspections

The Newnan Times-Herald

The Coweta Board of Environmental Health inspects all Coweta restaurants, schools and businesses that serve food several times each year.

Food inspections can be conducted during any hours of operation or whenever food is being prepped in the permitted establishment. Inspections are made at varying times to ensure that the food service rules and regulations are being followed. Some establishments have hours after 5 p.m. Therefore, inspections will be conducted when risk factors can be observed for compliance. Inspectors wear hairnets during checks to protect the food, which is also a requirement for those working around open food.

Using a 41-category checklist, an environmental health specialist checks compliance in safe handling of food, proper disposal of garbage, and other areas.

Southern Ground Gallery and Tea Bar, 18 Main St., Newnan – was inspected on Jan. 29 and received a score of 100-A.

Sprayberry’s Barbecue, 229 Jackson St., Newnan –  was inspected on Feb. 2 and received a score of 90-A. Inspector’s comments: Observed vegetable soup in the walk-in cooler cooked the night before and 48 and 46.5F. Food items are to be cooled from 135F  to 70F within two hours and 70F to 41F within four hours. Soup was discarded. Corrected on-site. New violation.

Tasty Rib Shack Mobile Unit, 139 Wash Johnson Road, Suite H,  Newnan – was inspected on Feb. 3 and received a score of 99-A. Inspector’s comments: Have sanitizer in wiping cloths. Need sanitizer test strips. New violation.

Tin Drum, 228 Newnan Crossing Bypass, Newnan – was inspected on Feb. 1 and received a score of 94-A. Inspector’s comments: Observed dishes wet-stacked. New violation. Observed egg rolls and potstickers stored in reach-in freezer uncovered. Covered during inspection. Corrected on-site. New violation.

Town & Country Restaurant, 8 Franklin Hwy., Newnan – was inspected on Jan. 26 and received a score of 83-B. Inspector’s comments: Observed food particles in top of microwave. New violation. Observed soups, such as chili and broccoli and cheese stored uncovered in the walk-in cooler. New violation.

Waffle House, 229 Temple Ave., Newnan –  was inspected on Jan. 26 and received a score of 89-B. Inspector’s comments: Boxes of raw bacon stored beside containers of raw chicken by grill area. Boxes of raw chicken stored next to raw hamburgers in walk-in cooler. Greater separation needed to prevent cross-contamination. New violation. Observed debris around dumpsters. New violation.