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One does not inherit freedom, nor is it free.

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  • Mar. 29, 2018 - 6:28 PM

One does not inherit freedom, nor is it free.

It must be cherished, protected, and, if necessary, fought for. The Constitution was written to provide the government a method to write laws receiving input from the people, yet confined to that esteemed and just document, also providing an instrument to protect people from a repressive government, never to restrain legal and God-given freedoms and rights.

Lack of morality, responsibility, care for human rights, human life, the love of God and country, are a few of the recipes for a culture which is prevalent in America today. These coupled with pornography, violent video games, movies, TV, and no discipline by some parents who leave these electronic devices to raise their little ones must surely add to the problems of now.

My generation took guns to school. Most pickup trucks had a gun in a rack behind the seat, and most boys proudly carried a pocket knife. We had no sophisticated electronics, but – if we had – our parents would have controlled the use of them. I was paddled and reprimanded at school as were most of my generation. Our parents never went to school and threatened a teacher. They applauded the teacher for correcting us and gave us more correction when we got home.

It isn't the Constitution, gun, politician, whiskey or policeman that is responsible for behavior. It is the culture created by people too busy, self-centered, ego-driven or just uncaring to recognize that they may have some faults.  

Parents should raise their offspring, not the government or a machine.

Keith Crosby