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Deaths every day in America

  • By The Newnan Times-Herald
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  • Feb. 28, 2018 - 8:35 PM

All of us in America morn the loss of 17 lives in the high school in Florida.

We see on TV daily, commercials about the number of dogs and cats who are suffering as well, but no one talks or mourns the murder of 2,234 babies in America on Feb. 18, 2018 in the United States, in the name of ABORTION.

Not one weapon took those babies. Men who took an oath to do no harm have committed these murders.

Not one gun has killed anyone. Guns are inanimate objects, lifeless, inert. It is human beings, who no longer value human life, who take lives.

There are three reasons for this: First, man no longer thinks he answers to God; Second, because of abortion, our youth and mankind are told that life no longer matters, that we as individuals have the right to determine who will live; Third, our media glorifies immorality, and violence; yet they rail about guns.

Paul F. Ferguson