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Change in thinking needed to stop deaths from guns

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  • Mar. 06, 2018 - 6:56 PM

I take no pleasure in writing this. It is only an effort to get you to see the fallacy in more gun laws and bans. 2016 is the latest year in which I could find relevant figures from the FBI. That year 1,197,704 violent crimes were reported, among these deaths, 7,105 by handguns; 656 by hands, fist, feet; 472 by hammers, etc.; 374 by rifles; 64,000 drug overdose; 37,461, automobiles.

Of these the only one guaranteed by the Constitution is, guess what? Yet it creates the most controversy. Is it emotion, fear, feel good or just an attempt to take the focus off of our president's efforts to “drain the swamp”' and "Make America Great Again?" 

Semi-automatic weapons require a single trigger pull to fire each shot. Automatics fire continually as the trigger is held as long as the ammo lasts. In 1986 the manufacture of machine guns (automatics) was no longer permitted. One can own one today if it was built prior to 1986 and they pass a most rigorous background check, buy a $200 tax stamp and can afford $20,000-$50,000 purchase price for the weapon. The background check is similar to a top secret clearance and takes about one year.

In 1871 two Union Officers formed the NRA to promote the safe use of rifles. I have been a life member of this great organization before many of you were born, having owned dozens of guns. I am also a life member of the Case Knife collectors club, owning many knives. Never have I had any urge whatsoever to shoot or cut another person. So, my opinion, a new thought process is required to stop a person, so inclined, from committing an act of violence. We could enforce the laws now in place for a start.

Keith Crosby