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The darkness is spreading rapidly

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  • Feb. 23, 2018 - 1:27 AM

Mass shootings are no longer a rare occurrence, and they happen in once-sacred places, like churches, and historically safe places, like schools and public venues.

The weapons of terrorists are no longer just home-made bombs but also cars and trucks, which can run down citizens in broad daylight on busy city thoroughfares. The Bible is clear that moral and spiritual darkness has always been the case for a world that rejects and refuses to acknowledge. Describing a godless culture that hates God, the Apostle Paul said that "they became futile in their thinking and their hearts were darkened" (Romans 1:21).

Our hope is in Christ Jesus who is the light of the world. The time is drawing short. We must turn our eyes to Jesus and seek his love and protection and pray for others. It is our only hope.

David C. Hedlund