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Tactical teacher auxiliary

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  • Feb. 23, 2018 - 1:34 AM

Tactical teacher auxiliary

The Newnan Times-Herald

In the recent Sarah Fay Campbell article about improving school security, I noticed her mentioning a Georgia state law passed in 2014 allowing school systems to authorize trained employees to carry guns on school grounds to provide security, but schools generally opt out due to liability.

True enough, residents in Coweta County are blessed to have the commitments of the local sheriff and police chief with the designated school resource officers (SROs) assigned to middle and high schools and Project S.A.F.E. officers at elementary schools.

These officers are not only the liaison between law enforcement and the students but create an immediate onsite hardening of what would be considered a soft target specifically to those considering becoming the latest in a long line of hell-bound active school shooters.

Now that the dust is clearing from the mass shooting at Parkland, Fla., the media has once again stoked anti-gun sentiment that routinely follows these senseless massacres.

I find it exhausting to remind those caught in this emotional debate to stand back and logically look at it for what it really is… evil insanity driven to murder/suicide, not a mechanical device with a will of its own.

Every one of these mass shootings has two things in common: 1) mentally deranged psychopaths prepared to kill and die, and 2) soft target opportunities presenting no visible force or defense before murderers can get a chance to carry out their mission to kill.

In the Middle East they strap on exploding suicide vests and drive car bombs, while here in the states these mass murders involve high-capacity rifles. But both demonic operators posses the same motives, to kill as many into eternity with the epiphany they soon will follow.

The rally cry of the progressive left-leaning anti-gun activists is to outlaw the popular AR-15, the semi-automatic civilian-version of the fully automatic military M-16, available only to the military.

Disregard the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens or the absolute impossibility for an AR-15 to load, rack and fire indiscriminately into a crowd of people all by itself. It is a machine designed to fire bullets which absolutely requires of a willing human operator behind the trigger mechanism.

More people are killed in America with hammers and clubs than rifles and shotguns. Parents rightfully so demand safety for their children in their schools.

But if we can't lock up crazies for "future crimes" and if all guns were confiscated, and criminals and nutjobs would still find a way to get them, what do we do to defeat the challenge of the active school shooter? The logical answer: enhanced self-defense options.

After the 9/11 attack on the twin towers, Congress enacted the Homeland Security Act of 2002. In that law was Title XIV, Arming Pilots Against Terrorism. This law authorizes flight deck officers to carry firearms and to use force, including lethal force, and shields air carriers and flight deck officers from liability for damages in federal or state court arising out of a federal flight deck officer’s use of or failure to use a firearm.

Career teachers who have a vested interest in their students and industry should be allowed to carry firearms and legislatively be authorized to successfully train, use and not be held liable for actions or accidents arising out of their attempt to save the lives of innocent children “during an active shooter incident.”

This is no different than commercial pilots as they have a personal interest to land their plane and save the lives of their passengers during a hijacking attempt.

Active shooters exit when other guns show up.

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