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Sound Off

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  • Feb. 20, 2018 - 7:43 PM

Sound Off

The Newnan Times-Herald

I’m wanting to know when will there be a meeting to address the matter of homelessness in the community.

What’s sad – and amazing – to me is that the National Rifle Association was an organization originally formed to teach people about gun safety and marksmanship. Its original purpose has been hijacked and corrupted by gun zealots whose sole focus is gun rights.

You have no right to rob or hurt people for their stuff. Work and buy your own.

So liberals are the ones attacking people and destroying property. Could you be more specific, what liberals are you talking about? Do you have any facts to back up that statement, or is it just what you choose to believe? The Times-Herald should not print such baseless and false accusations.

It is no disgrace that Roy Moore, David Duke, Donald J. Trump and many, many other far right politicians spout the stances that they do – they acquiesce to their corporate financial base. What is disgraceful is that local supporters drink this flavor Kool-Aid and ignore their on self-avowed Christian beliefs.

It seems a bit ironic that the city has just put up several new “Historic District” signs and yet has no trouble changing the town’s traffic flow almost overnight with no regard for history or for the people who live in nearby College-Temple.

I would like to thank the lady who answered my 911 call and to the sheriff’s deputies who came to my rescue. They both were kind and understanding. They were my angels who helped me. I want to say God bless you all.

Trump's condolences to the victims of the Florida school shooting are empty words from an insincere man. While shifting the focus from gun violence to the mentally ill, Trump pledged to do more to make our schools safe. His budget, however, cuts spending for mental health facilities.  

If you think a stretch of cold weather means global warming is over, you don’t understand how climate change works.

The sound off person who said GOP conservatives who support the 45th POTUS are blind needs to look in the mirror. The Democrat party is still the KKK. Always have and always will be Satan’s party – the destroyer of God, families and country.  

I am saddened in not being published any longer for my audience of one.

Trump says he puts the country first....which country?