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Sound off

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  • Feb. 09, 2018 - 8:08 AM

Sound off

The Newnan Times-Herald

Local GOP, conservatives and Republican supporters of our 45th president are stunningly blind and loyal to any candidate of their same political ilk. Apparently character content nor integrity has anything to do with a person's fitness or aptitude for public service.

Wake up America. Stop both parties from spending our tax paying dollars on foreign aid. A trillion dollar leaves American leaves us in debt. Keep our money here. 

On a recent visit to the post office, I noticed the sign has mildew and mold on it. Instead of a white sign, the sign is now green. The grounds need some attention as well. I hope this will motivate them to do something to make the facility look presentable.

Would someone with more education than me explain why taxpayers have to foot the bill for congressmen’s sexual lawsuits?

Funny liberals call conservatives the party of hate but it is the liberals attacking people and destroying property.

I was happy to see W.J. Butcher's column is back in my paper! He and Toby Nix are great reads. I love our law enforcement- thank you for keeping us safe (and entertained on the pages!)

The Bible says it’s better to give than to receive. Give to help get the word of God across the world. Give to help people rebuild, eat and live a good life. Give.

If you are not legal, leave. 

Where were the Women’s Marchers in Coweta this year?

Drop the conservative masquerade. Authentic conservatives display personal integrity, ethical responsibility and do not grab women by various body parts.  Any person who fabricates (lies) and distorts as much as the present White House occupant must be reclassified and dismissed for just cause.

So Trump wants a military parade. Who does he think he is, Kim Jong-un?

Forget Robert Mueller working for the FBI. How about Robert Mueller for president?

Welfare is a joke. Get a job, then if you need help, OK. Takes two to have a child. Take care of them yourself.

Thank you, Dennis Thompson, for articulating ideas for helping the poor. Spot on! Let's hope Rep. Ferguson is reading.

Black people claim Jones is for their people, but yet Jones believes in abortion all the way up to birth. Number 1 killer of black people is abortion. 

We hear that the IRS still haven’t sent a lot of people their money because of picture ID. Some people just don’t have transportation to get to the IRS office. IRS should know that if they been sending the money to the same address for years and years, it’s the right people. 

The longer the investigation goes on, the more Mueller and the liberals look like fools. Mueller is using Hillary supporter lawyers and still can't find any collusion on Trump.