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Lee Middle Teams wins Regional Mathcounts competition

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  • Feb. 17, 2018 - 5:56 PM

Lee Middle Teams wins Regional Mathcounts competition

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The Lee Middle School Math Team recently took first place at the west Georgia regional Mathcounts competition. The team includes, front, from left, Nathan White, Jiho Oh, Matthew Nix and Beomseok Kang; back, Do-kyong McDonald, Andrew Brown, Lyong-kyong McDonald, Michael An, Luke Beam and Alex Carroll.

The Lee Middle School Math Team took first place at the West Georgia regional Mathcounts competition at the University of West Georgia recently, earning the team a spot at the state finals.

This is the fifth consecutive first-place finish for the school. The team consists of students Michael An, Matthew Nix, Do-kyong McDonald, Nathan White, Andrew Brown, Beomseok Kang, Alex Carroll, Lyong-kyong McDonald. Jiho Oh and Alex Carroll, and was sponsored by teachers  Lynette Hanus and Staci Kelly. The team competed against the 40 students of the school’s math club to earn their spots on the competition team.

Mathcounts competition is made up of three rounds, including Sprint (testing quickness to solve problems), Target (testing problem-solving skills) and Team (testing teamwork abilities). Of the 110 students at the regional competition, An took second place in the Individual Competitor category highest total score.

Mathcounts also includes a high-pressure Countdown Round, where competitors must solve mathematics problems in 45 seconds or less without a calculator and before a fellow competitor gives the correct answer. The top eight finishers compete in this round.

Three of those top eight finishers came from the Lee Middle School team, including An, Nix and Brown. Making it through to the final Countdown Round was Brown, who took second place.

On March 19, An, Do-kyong McDonald, Nix and White will compete as the west Georgia region’s team at the state level competition. They will be joined by Brown, who had a strong finish as well.