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Electorate is danger to the nation

  • By The Newnan Times-Herald
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  • Feb. 13, 2018 - 9:34 PM

The danger to Freedom and Patriotism is not the previous president or men of a like persuasion. It is the people who elect those with a mindset that the federal government created the states when in fact it was the states that created all government. If schools had taught true history and the Constitution, our nation would have never reached the teetering on bankruptcy, immoral and Godless state in which we now exist.

No responsibility, no morals, no love of fellow man, no God and dependency on government, by so many has put America in a place where a few years ago most would have never imagined. A citizenry which elects politicians as we have in previous years deserves exactly what we now have.

We finally elect a man, far from perfect, but with the know-how, courage and love for people and country, who works day and night, tho' criticized, mocked, lied about yet tries continuously to "Make America Great" again. Alone he has created more wealth, freedom and hope that many of his predecessors. Just imagine, with a little help, America may recover and lead the World in all things which matter to humankind.

Our nation now takes in approximately one million legal immigrants annually, while the very poor countries create another 18 or so million, a losing proposition. They need help where they are, not coming here and putting a death-spiraling drag on the greatest experiment in history, the United States of America.

Keith Crosby