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Sound Off

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  • Jan. 30, 2018 - 11:38 PM

Shame, shame, David Perdue, for supporting Donald Trump’s ugly comments. I don’t believe for one minute that you didn’t hear what the president said about African and Haitian immigrants. Lindsey Graham and Johnny Isakson finally got backbones and spoke out against the president’s racist comments. Why can’t you?

Our government is funded by income taxes. Instead of taking a fixed percentage from everyone's income, they want us to waste our time filling out income tax forms so that rich people can get deductions.

Wolff’s book reveals only what we already knew to be the case.

Conservatives yell loudly, railing – rightly so – about the atrocity of abortion. They say nothing for the precious ones who were taken to term, and born. Out of sheer compassion for the Almighty Dollar; they cut WIC, SNAP and pre-kindergarten care.

Reading Sound Off, it is clear why the government is so completely inept and dysfunctional.  Our representative government truly mirrors the people. Anger, nasty jabs, unwillingness to engage in civil discourse for the common good. Until we conduct ourselves in a civilized manner, how can we expect our elected officials to do anything different?