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Sound Off

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  • Jan. 03, 2018 - 1:28 AM

I believe the Dec. 18 Opinion page is the best ever. Mr. Reed's column and the two letters to the editor were all excellent. And thank you for making the crossword puzzle easier to read.

The silence from partisan lawmakers on both sides of the aisles of our state and national houses of representatives is so loud you can hear a smile. To hear these tax paid no-service
public servants discuss the needs and desires of a community they are constitutionally obligated to serve, causes one to wonder if we all inhabit the same universe.

I’m also a veteran, with 22 years of service and was in two wars. Kaepernick has the right to take a knee and I have the right not to watch a NFL game. The NFL has lost over 500 million dollars this year, and attendance and viewership is at a all time low.

Keep your yards looking good. Make it look like someone’s home. When it looks like no one’s home, thieves will target those places. 

Black voters helped defeat Roy Moore and elect Doug Jones with only 30 percent turnout. Imagine what they could do with 100 percent turnout.

Let’s get all these healthy people off of Medicaid and quit paying for their babies. If you are capable of making babies, then you should work to support them. Quit providing illegals with health care. Leave the military alone.

Who do you have staying with you? Do you know enough about that person to trust them? A person can show good from the outside but be full of hell on the inside. 

Democrats criticized Conyers, Franken and numerous Hollywood personalities, who are now all gone. Many Republicans refuse to criticize Donald Trump for similar misdeeds.

Don’t just sit around all the time doing nothing – keep moving. Some people, all they do is rest. Get a project going – building something, start something new, restore an old car, tile a kitchen floor. Get going.

Conservatives love to rant about liberals, and Democrats love to rant about Republicans. Both Democrats and Republicans are extremists. It is easy to poke fun at extremists. Thanks, Sound Off.
Conservative used to mean standing for something decent and taking personal responsibility for your thoughts actions and decisions. Today conservative means hiding from what you said, did or thought and and hating someone else because they don't agree with you.