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Immigration from s---hole countries

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  • Jan. 30, 2018 - 11:35 PM

I would like to write a few words in support of immigration from s---hole countries.

Contrary to what seems to be the general belief, such countries are not identified by the color of the people, but by the quality of their government. Some of them, Iran and Venezuela spring to mind, are occupied almost entirely by white people. They all suffer from bad government.

Many people, viewing the serial ineptitude in Washington, may think that we have a bad government. Such is not the case. We have about as good a government as a large, diverse, rich and free country can have. In much of the world, when the government promises to take care of you, they do it with bayonets. We need immigrants who have seen the hollow promises and brutality of totalitarian socialism and religious fanaticism.

We are not going to get, and do not need, a flood of immigrants from Scandinavia. I do not hate those people. Indeed they look just like my own grandchildren, but they are imbued with the warm and fuzzy feel of deep-state socialism defended by American power. They would expect a well-funded welfare system and lavish state benefits that we cannot afford because we have to defend everybody.

Of course, there are those, including our president, who believe that defending everybody is a bad idea. It is certainly a difficult, expensive, painful and thankless one. However, those who are uncomfortable with a world order imposed by the United States would like one imposed by Russia or China even less.

Charles Adamson