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Church has gone astray

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  • Jan. 10, 2018 - 9:57 PM

With churches now more than ever encouraging their congregations to support acts of civil disobedience, how long can they claim the ecclesiastical high ground, while they undermine the very government that protects them?

With an activist Pope and other religious leaders going back to the Berrigan brothers of the Viet Nam era, the churches have taken the position that in spite of Vatican II and the sanctity of free conscience, the churches have assumed the right to tell their congregations what to believe.

Christ taught the works of mercy, among them to "visit the imprisoned.” He never said to give illegal immigrants sanctuary in a church or create sanctuary cities, especially when Vatican City is surrounded by walls.

Jesus, himself, recognized the separation of church and state when He made the distinction between rendering to Caesar and to God. If you really want to split hairs, He mentioned Caesar first. So as men and women in robes presume to tell us what to believe or burn in hell, who will tell them that pedophilia is wrong and protecting pedophiles is just as wrong?

How many of millions of dollars that was donated to help the poor went to bail, legal fees and settlements for pedophiles?  Some churches protect criminals – as they decide what is criminal, or help members navigate through the criminal and civil justice system. They use money contributed to fulfill the seven corporal works of mercy. It is used to build and maintain churches of unbelievable magnitude, while Jesus preached from a rock.

Why is there no standard of how much income collected by a church must be spend on the works of mercy, and how much is spent on lavish lifestyle? Why shouldn’t the churches be audited just like every institution and corporation run by men in a civil society?

Like just about everything in seats of power, the church has become corrupt and preaches forgiveness without repentance. The church threatens with eternal damnation, while the state threatens with incarceration.

Thomas J. Guzzo