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Trump came in time to save America

  • By The Newnan Times-Herald
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  • Dec. 14, 2017 - 9:31 PM

Seems to me that our poor demented President has in record time done more to "Make America Great" than the preceding few who some think were good for America. This too after eight years of a man "leader?" whose accomplishments for anything good, happened in spite of himself.

I wrote years ago that Obama was put here to reduce America to third world status, with Global Government intentions. Our demented President inherited a mess beyond the imagination of many, and his predecessor and "The Swamp Denizens" are to this day attempting to carry out dreams of making Saul Alinsky's plans for World domination come true.

President Trump has increased by approximately six trillion dollars the stock markets value, reduced illegal immigration, removed many criminal illegals, contained the Islamist terrorist, given hope to millions in The United States for a better future.

He has rightfully stated that Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel and our Embassy should be there. He will be solely responsible for reducing taxes for those who need help, tho' some lie and prey on the uninformed trying to foil his efforts to make life better for all Americans.

I firmly believe that Mr. Trump happened along just in time to save this Nation. A Nation founded on Christianity, freedom for all, to live under and abide by the Founding Fathers' cherished and brilliant Constitution as. If only Congress could catch the same type dementia Mr. Trump has.

Keith Crosby