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To cut costs, break up health care monopoly

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  • Dec. 28, 2017 - 5:59 AM

Jack Bernard, Fayette County, opined that Trumpcare was a farce, and we should all embrace a single payer system, like Medicare, for national healthcare.

What Bernard did not disclose to the readers is that, according to his Linkedin account, he is the CEO of Monticello Health Care Solutions. Bernard’s opinion is more than talking points, it was self-serving.

Bernard never offered any solution to lowering health care cost. Instead Bernard advocated for an expansion of Medicaid, with increases in the payroll, capital gains and corporate tax.

The root issue to the health care debate is the cost of care. The health care industry has become a monopoly – one that needs to be smashed similar to the 1982 smashing of AT&T. This lack of competition in the marketplace causes higher prices for goods and services.

One way to lower cost of health care is to grant pharmacies the power to sell certain drugs without prescription and or remove more drugs off the prescription required list.

For example, if a person in the United States wanted to use Voltaren, a non–steroidal anti-inflammatory gel for arthritis, it would require a doctor visit, prescription and pharmacy dispense. The process could cost between $75-$250.

However the pharmacist at the pharmacy at the Heaththrow airport in England can sell it to you for about $8.

People should not be afraid to smash a monopoly. Breaking up AT&T went way past just changing America, it changed the world. In less than 40 years, we went from a country that made jokes about Ma Bell getting you a dial tone to smart phones that connect people around the world.  

Those same breakup principles can be applied to health care. We can have both the best care and lowest price. However, we are never going to lower the cost until a plan is devised that allows others to challenge the corporations that dominate the health care system.

Walter K. Krauth, III