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This is no Christmas present

  • By Clay Neely
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  • Dec. 20, 2017 - 11:18 PM

Third Congressional District Congressman Drew Ferguson has sunk to a new low.

In a desperate attempt to garner support for the travesty known as the Tax Cut and Jobs Act currently being negotiated by the GOP, he is now using the premise of a beloved Christmas carol on a daily basis on his Facebook page to make the bill seem more palatable to his constituents. 

In his annoying rendition, “Twelve Days of Tax Reform,” he touts tax deductions that we already enjoy such as charitable deductions, home mortgage interest deductions and the adoption tax credit as items we “received “ as part of the plan although this plan will scale back some of those deductions.

He also praises the elimination of the Alternative Minimum Tax for individuals although the reconciled version does not eliminate the AMT but does raise the income level for those affected to $500,000 for an individual or $1 million for couples. 

In a district where the median income is slightly over $50,000, we can see that this will do little for the majority of his constituents while giving a large benefit to the wealthiest citizens.

Meanwhile he fails to mention that while the large corporate tax cuts are permanent, those small cuts that lower and middle class taxpayers receive are only temporary and by 2027, most of those peoples’ taxes will increase.

Although the bill is estimated to increase the national debt by $1.5 trillion, Ferguson claims that the tax breaks will stimulate the economy enough to pay for the increase in yet another Republican attempt to trust in “trickle down” economics which has never been proven to work since it was first introduced by Reagan in 1980. 

Also not mentioned in his diatribe is the elimination of the individual mandate which will cause a sharp increase in health insurance premiums and a provision that opens the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska to energy exploration which will set a precedent for opening up all of our pristine national parks to these endeavors.

Polls show that this tax plan has support from less than 30 percent of Americans, but the Republican Party is pushing hard to get it passed for their wealthy corporate and individual donors. 

Please call Ferguson’s office and implore him to vote no and to remind him that we will remember this vote in 2018 at the polls.

Tom Thomason