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Sound Off

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  • Dec. 29, 2017 - 1:15 AM

What does it matter if our elected officials are Christians? They act is if they have NO Christian foundation. None! Any and all tax cuts afforded to the poor and middle class can only end up in the pockets of the wealthy and well-to-do. What Christian in their right mind would work this hard to give someone who has it all so much more when they already have more than enough?

Secretary of State has called Trump a moron … his National Security Adviser has called him an idiot and a dope. Those statements were proven false. Both individuals and people present said it never happened. Just liberal fake news claims from their so-called sources.

Republicans place politics over people and are sorely misguided. They resort to constant "name-calling" and wedge issues that only seek to divide.

Race, sexual orientation and nationality are beyond everyone's control. Food, shelter, clothing, medical care and a quality education are inalienable rights for all Americans. The finer things in life are optional; the aforementioned five are what makes us the land of the free and home of the brave.

Don’t text while driving. You not only put others’ lives in danger but yours, also. I hate to see people playing with phones. Put the phone away until it rings or until you need to call someone or need something on the web.

The last time the Cleveland Browns football team won a game Johnny Manziel was the quarterback. Now how long has he been gone? Tommy Nobis, who just passed away, played on some really bad Falcon teams, but he was always a great player with character. Rest in peace, Tommy, a life well-lived.

I pledge allegiance only to my party and to our divisive platform and to all the Republicans for which it stands… Our nation, Our God and with freedom and liberty for just us…