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  • Dec. 28, 2017 - 5:55 AM

Hurray! Our neighbors in Alabama saw the light elected Doug Jones.

Looks like our president is draining the swamp in Washington :)

You know I have still not gotten over the weather girl, Dagmar, leaving Channel 46. The weather forecast has just not been the same but they have a new girl, Ella Dorsey, and she is almost as good. It sure makes watching the weather forecast more enjoyable.

Local used car dealers: You need to lower your down payments to you can sell some cars. Some places you can pay $17 down on a brand new car and something like $169 a month.

It is great to see so many people reaching out to people in need during the holidays. Let’s not forget them when 2018 arrives.

In the Dec. 6 newspaper, the article written by your reporter concerning the gun at Lee Middle School, was it necessary to reference the race of the student? Why was race a factor? All that was important was that it was a “male juvenile.”

Liberty is the root word for liberal. It means freedom to think and act upon what a person believes is right. Liberty is what we all cherish as Americans.

Thank God we have a president with Grit. President Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and we are seeing prophecy fulfilled. That land belongs to the Jewish people, no one else. 

Mr. Dennis Thompson, don’t worry, our president will take care of North Korea. We have a real man in the White House making America Great Again. Our president keeps his promises. Good job.

It was great to see the crowd at the Masterworks concert presentation of “The Messiah” at First Methodist. What a great gift to the community.

I miss Susan Brown’s article in the Newnan Times. She was right on target with everything and I enjoyed her writings very much. Please return her articles to the paper so we can read the truth.

Trump is an admitted sexual predator and a Putin lovin' bandit.
We who live in Madras – the ones most affected by the planned road – are being told we have no recourse but to accept what we’re being told is in “our best interests.” We disagree.

Put the weapons down, and stop murdering your brothers and sisters. God made all of us. God didn’t put you here to harm others. God put you her to love one another and protect one another.