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Sound Off

  • By Clay Neely
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  • Dec. 26, 2017 - 10:10 PM

Christmas really looked beautiful in downtown Newnan. Thanks to everyone who had a part in making it look so festive.

People need jobs so they can support their families. We can’t sit and let people not have work to do. Jobs should be easy to find.

On the cold afternoon before the snow, I was touched by an act of kindness. A Publix employee was gathering carts in the parking lot, and it was obvious her hands were cold. Then I saw a customer give her a pair of gloves. “These are extra,” he said. She smiled gratefully and thanked him. I left with a warm feeling in my heart -- the Christmas spirit that we need to share all year long.

Enough with the family stories on the Opinion page. With everything that's happening in the world, nothing to say?

Trump can’t claim all the credit for the stock market going up. It’s just continuing the rise it’s been on for the last eight years.

Anyone remember when you could go to Downtown Atlanta and shop at Rich’s and Davidson’s and be in a very safe zone? Gone with the wind, no doubt.

Conservatives are as complicit as skinheads and other right-wing fringe groups if you sit quietly on your hands and allow pedophiles, alleged child predators and admitted molesters of women to hold high political office without a shred of accountability, honor or humility.

The reason the pilgrims had crops to harvest is that the Indians taught the pilgrims how to grow them.

You need to pay your 10 percent of your earnings each week to your church or to feed the children.

The American Flag stands for freedom, not racial prejudice. Slavery and segregation were not freedom, but those errors were acknowledged and addressed by the Reconstruction Amendments and by the 1964 Omnibus civil rights bill. Racist individuals who work in positions of authority do not represent the ideal that is America.

UFOs are starting wildfires to burn up all our trees and killing our bees so we can’t grow crops. They will control us with computers and suck up our power grid putting us in the dark with no communication. If we don’t see what’s going on, we will become extinct.