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Sound Off

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  • Dec. 12, 2017 - 8:07 PM

Thanksgiving was not the day that Americans fed undocumented immigrants from Europe. It was the pilgrims celebrating their first harvest of crops and inviting 93 Indians to celebrate with them. Glad I could give a liberal another factual history lesson.

You must cater to the one percent of your subscribers that are Socialist or Communist or Ignorant. But you know what: the other 99 percent are sick of you printing these constant, unpatriotic opinions that are never constructive.

If you like to play baseball and pitch, don't throw the ball with speed every day. Don't throw a curveball until you are over 15 years old; and when you do, bring your arm over in your wind-up the same as your fastball. Bad habits will hurt your arm.

I enjoy Jason Swindle’s commentaries so much. I think the only thing he’s capable of swindling is my heart. I also want a shout out to Alex McCrae. Oh how he makes me laugh. This community is truly blessed.

The best time of the year is candy time at Arnall’s. I just love all of the old-fashioned candies they have that you can’t find anywhere else. I’ve already been through two bags of peanut brittle.

To the so-called deacons: You have struck again. Three strikes and you are out. If you don’t like the preacher, why don’t you step out? Our police have enough work in the street. They should not have to come to the church for messes. So sad.

So Mike Flynn pleads guilty. I guess Sally Quillian Yates was right.

The new tax cuts are not redistribution of wealth to rich people. It is a tax cut for working tax-paying Americans. Some people are just worried about losing their welfare and having to go work.

I’m also a veteran, with two terms of enlistment and an extended tour in a combat zone. But I support the right of Kaepernick to do what he’s doing, as that’s one of the things I fought for.

Jack Bernard, please do not speak for me. I take a knee at the Cross. I support Donald Trump, and by no means am I alone. Backtracking to promote more hatred is just like fake news.