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A Plea to the City Councils and the County Commissioners

  • By The Newnan Times-Herald
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  • Dec. 05, 2017 - 9:36 PM

For such a long time, our county has been known for its beautiful pastures, trees, old homes and open spaces.

We have so enjoyed the pastoral effect we have, even in the cities. At one time, Gwinnett County also enjoyed that wonderful life. Now, they are fighting for their lives what with all the developments and all the traffic. People are leaving in droves, seeking peace and green spaces.    

Please don’t allow us to become that way. We seem to be building more and more roads which run right up to the front porches of folks who have enjoyed their homes for many years. We are packing houses one on top of the other, ignoring our beautiful landscapes of trees and pastures. Our lives are being made more stressful because of the traffic and the trucks and the equipment being used to mow down the trees and put in more paving.

I have lived here for many, many years and plan to live out the rest of my days here, but I am getting sad to see so much of the land I love being disturbed with more and more houses and more and more roads. I just ask that when you meet to discuss this growth – which I know that growth is necessary to make us thrive as a community – that you will think that we really don’t want to become another Gwinnett. It is up to you to make the wise decisions that will help us to continue to be the greatest county in the state. Thank you very much.  

Norma Haynes