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Sound off

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  • Nov. 14, 2017 - 7:23 PM

My heart breaks after hearing about the church shooting in Texas.

The "cartoons" in the last few issues are making something out of nothing. Sunday it shows a black man with a sniper's rifle sighting at a target that Hillary is pointing out – with Trump looking through the JFK files just released by the FBI. Implying that Hillary had something to do with JFK's assassination. The previous cartoons were just as dumb.

“Ask Miss Pearl” was a pleasant surprise! I hope she will becomes a weekly – if not more – staple to your paper.

You can tell good people from bad people. If you can’t, you are bad yourself.

The origins of health insurance go back to the Greeks and Romans, well before the Constitution was written.

Lake Redwine Homeowners: Dec. 5 is your only chance to save our neighborhood.

NFL: Five fights this past weekend. The ghetto in the NFL is finally showing its true colors. Half the players are convicted felons. Go figure.

Look at the bad storms we are having. This will, on down the road, create a food shortage.