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Sound Off

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  • Nov. 01, 2017 - 11:51 PM

Always make sure of something before you start running your mouth. If you are not sure of something, check it out.

What wrong with Lake Redwine? The board and also management company. They spend our money. It’s their way or you can move. If residents don’t come to the December meeting and stand up, it’s going to get worse. They are wasting our money.

Republicans label themselves as conservatives and label others as

less than.

Jack Bernard in his progressive liberal column claims he is a fiscal conservative. No, Jack. You are a socialist, progressive liberal democrat. Your words of garbage speak loudly.

Manafort, Gates, Papadopoulos. The dominos start to fall.

Keg Creek Project – Senoia. Richard Ferry was working for Senoia and at the same time drawing up plans for Keg Creek. Is this not a conflict of interest? Also 356 homes with 1.5 cars- 534 vehicles in Senoia that already has a huge problem with parking.

The ACA will always be Obama's and the Constitution does not specify health insurance. The Constitution was written before anything called insurance. God you liberals are so ignorant.

See what happened in Las Vegas. The times are bad. We need Jesus more than ever.