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Barker hiding behind lawyer

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  • Nov. 08, 2017 - 10:05 PM

Mr. Barker, is a coward, but the Creator is not!

Barker is hiding behind a lawyer; instead of stepping up and defending the coach, the players, the parents, the souls of the lost, our community and country. Atheists and the lost want to say that Christians are the least tolerant; yet we are the ones who are told to be silent?

The liberals and the atheists will defend the rights of terrorists, but will not defend the rights of Christians; where is their tolerance? The Supreme Court decision on prayer in school was the poorest decision our court has ever made, and from that decision discipline left our schools, violence became the normal in our schools, and in our society!

You can trace the growth of crime and violence in America to that decision. I have read the works of the so-called prominent atheists and find their works to be lacking in truth and reality, and I find none of them tolerant. The left is only tolerant as long as you agree with them; just the same as it was in Germany under Adolf Hitler.

Many of the misguided on the left think that they are the source of freedom, but it is only a cover as it was in 1932 in Germany. The decision on prayer was decided upon words that are not even found in our Constitution, and they took those words out of context to make their decision.

The only individuals in America who are persecuted are those who follow Jesus Christ. Muslim terrorists get a pass, why? The poster boy for atheists, Richard Dawkins, will wake up one day in Great Britain to find that a Muslim will control the government and his head will roll into a basket not long after their takeover.

Left calls it immigration, the truth however, is that it is a Muslim invasion of Western Civilization. Don't call me one of these phobias, for I believe that not all Muslims are terrorists, but remember not all Germans were Nazis.

And one historical fact so often denied is the fact that this nation of freedom was created by Christians; why are the creators of this great country now considered the pariah? Could it be because the left wants to take away our freedoms? The only ones who have the right to free speech are those on the left, and those they agree with or who agree with them; that is not Freedom America.

Prayer is Free Speech! A woman, a man, a child should have the right to pray anywhere they wish because our Constitution gives us the right to Free Speech.

I, as a follower of Christ do not demand that you pray or go to church, but I demand the right to pray where ever, when ever I want too. I am a football coach. I coach because I believe it is what God wants me to do, and because I love the young men who play the game of football. Where they learn about hard work, about loyalty, about teamwork, sacrifice and caring for others beyond oneself.

These are the young men who will lead this country, and are protecting this country all over the world in uniforms, and on our streets as policemen. Because like Christ, they give their lives for others. I pray for the lost everyday. They can choose not to pray, but they do not have the right to prevent me from praying for those I love, and to the Father in Heaven who loves us all, unconditionally.

P.F. Ferguson