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Sports coverage is uneven

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  • Oct. 17, 2017 - 5:53 PM

I am more and more becoming dissatisfied with the NTH sports coverage, primarily football.

While I have no problem with the private Christian schools getting equal coverage, it has become more and more unbalanced in their favor.

Today's paper (Sunday 10-15-17) is a prime example: Heritage received more than a half page total coverage, including two photos, while both Newnan and East Coweta – both with wins – barely received a total of a quarter page between them with no pictures, and while Trinity received no pics, their write-up was larger than either Newnan's or East Coweta's.

What's the problem? It can't be space for almost a full page total was devoted to someone hiking the Appalachian Trail, including a picture. Fine by me, but why can't at least a half page with a pic be devoted to each of our high schools including Trinity, by the way. If it can't afford to send a reporter to an away game, why can't the paper ask a teacher or student who is interested in journalism to cover it. Photos are available online.

It is hard for me to see who our paper is catering to. Even the Opinion Page, with few exceptions like Winston Skinner, features regular columnist whose subject matter is so banal that they don't warrant the time and effort to be read.

I have no plans to discontinue my subscription, but I can understand why others may do so.

In no particular order, I read the paper for LOCAL news, LOCAL sports, LOCAL political opinion and LOCAL obituaries. One of the first things I do each morning is to retrieve and read the NTH, but I find that I have less interest and spend less time in doing so. I feel that others are feeling and doing the same. I am a supporter of local papers, especially The Newnan Times-Herald and am very disappointed to experience their demise.

Dennis Thompson