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Sound Off

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  • Oct. 31, 2017 - 10:45 PM

The penalty for texting while driving should be as severe as DWI. They are just as dangerous.

What will they name the bathrooms for the undecided that can't make up their mind what sex they are? I never believed I would see this country so screwed up.

Love, love, love Miss Pearl!! Keep her! Much better than some of the other editorials!

I wonder what the IQs of Rep. Maxine Waters, Rep. Al Green, Rep. Hank Johnson and Rep. Frederica Wilson are? Is there any doubt that lack of education is apparent?

If you don’t live a good life, life won’t be good to you. Try hard, and do your best to live a good life.

Israel needs all of our help. We need to help God’s people. God says if we bless Israel, he will bless us.

Congrats to Nancy Mader for being named Woman of the Year. What a dedicated, compassionate lady.

As far as Murray and Alexander, they are a joke. Everyone has access to health care.

Trump travels to Dallas, walks in JFK’s footsteps and then won’t release assassination documents. Why not? Because those documents will show the idiocy of his comments about Ted Cruz’s father.

I did my research on the claims in Jack Bernard’s columns and didn’t find any lies. Name one.

I’m so glad there are churches offering alternatives to trick-or-treating on Tuesday. Everybody be safe and have fun.

“Conservative” once stood for political integrity, personal accountability and fiscal responsibility.If there are any True Conservatives locally, please stand up and be counted as one who will not continue to be sympathetic to the imposter in the White House posing as America's leader.

What is the deal with the minute pause of traffic off Bullsboro and Jefferson Street? Seems ridiculous.

Feel good you woke up this morning. You don’t have to go to court. You are not in jail. You don’t have to do community service.

NFL gave up subsidies over two years ago? Who paid for the new stadium in Atlanta? Wait – tax dollars subsidize it.