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Sound Off

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  • Oct. 14, 2017 - 5:11 PM

I wish everyone could read the “Greedy People” poem by talented sixth-grader Aleah Smith. The materialist mindset so many now have is destructive. Thank you, Aleah, for sharing it and NTH for publishing it. It will go on my fridge and a copy to my children and grandchildren.

Jack Bernard: Your article in the Oct. 4 paper is nothing but outright lies. You liberals cannot get over Hillary losing. Screaming Russia didn't work so now you’re yelling racism. Got news for you that is not working. Oh, by the way, CNN has dozens of lawsuits by former employees against them for discrimination.

The Westlake cheerleaders took a knee during the National Anthem at the game at East Coweta last Friday night. What a pathetic collection of ignorance. You can sort of cut them some slack – as they are young and don’t know much better. Where are Dad and Mom?

You will pay for your sins. Get your life right with God – now – before it’s too late.

Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens; they can come to the states anytime they want. Many now will have no other choice. A large portion of the 3.4 million people will now be moving here permanently, many to Red States; they will then be able to vote for national, state, and local officeholders. Maybe Trump and the Republicans should be thinking about how they are treating them.

Liberals: You keep harping on the white supremacist, KKK, Neo Nazis etc.  But the Black LIves Matter  has destroyed and caused more chaos.

I’ve said all along that liberals were anti-American. You can believe me now when so many are supporting the NFL players in their kneeling, and then their blasting VP Pence for his travel to the game and then his walking out. Go after Obama for all his unnecessary trips on Air Force  One . NFL viewership is down some 20 percent. From now on, my viewing is down 110 percent.