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Sound Off

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  • Oct. 05, 2017 - 10:05 PM

Don’t let sadness take over your happiness. Make a plan to get out and do something that will make you happy. Enjoy the years you have on this earth in this life.

A recent Sound Off writer doesn’t like traffic circles. Those usually work quite well. They don’t when people who don’t understand them try to use them.

Botanists say Tom Price is proof that when Trump drained the swamp, an invasive species began to take over Washington.

No, don’t remove the statues. Use them as reminders, stepping stones and motivation to achieve greatness.

Our righteous right-wing brothers and sisters cannot nor will not address the social injustice injustice issues being born by people of color. They would rather take a knee for a Mistreated Dog than to participate in an honest discussion featuring a dialogue of over-zealous police shooting down unarmed black people in the streets and not being held accountable.

I am enjoying the recent columns written by Lawrence Reed. The column about Disney has me still chuckling as I envision drunk midgets on the roof of Radio City Music Hall. Levity and heros are welcomed with all of the distressing news.