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Some residents get two tax bills

  • By Winston Skinner
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  • Oct. 07, 2017 - 3:03 PM

Many Newnan property owners may have gotten a surprise in the mail – a second tax bill.

The duplicate bills – approximately 13,844 of them – were the result of an error by the companies that print and mail Coweta County tax bills.

Newnan residents only need to worry about paying one of those tax bills.

Tax bills for all of Coweta County were mailed several days ago. The duplicates were “due to a mix-up on the electronic billing files between Thomson Reuters, who provides software and support, and Diversified Companies, the company that actually prints the tax bills,” said Coweta Tax Commissioner Tommy Ferrell.

“Once the total number of duplicate bills has been determined by Diversified, the county will be given proper credit for printing and postage costs of those bills,” he added.

Anyone who has questions about their 2017 property tax bill should contact Ferrell’s office at 770-254-2670. The bills include property taxes for Coweta County, the Coweta County School System, the state of Georgia, and city property taxes for those who live in one of Coweta’s municipalities.

Taxes are due Dec. 1.

Tax bills are mailed to the legal owner on record as of Jan. 1, as required by Georgia

Law. If the property has changed hands since Jan. 1, and the ownership has been updated on the tax assessors’ records, bills will also be sent to the current owner.

Taxpayers who have their taxes paid through a mortgage company should forward a copy

– or the top stub – of the bill to their mortgage company to insure payment is made by the deadline. “Late charges begin accruing after the due date,” Ferrell said.

If a taxpayer has not received their tax bill by mid-October, the tax commissioner’s website – – can be used to view and print the bill. “Just remember, if you are a new owner, the property may be listed in the name of the Jan. 1 owner,” Ferrell said.

Ferrell’s office collects city taxes for Newnan, Senoia, Grantville, Moreland, Haralson and Sharpsburg. “These taxes are included on county tax bills,” he said.

Taxpayers who appealed their 2017 property valuation during the appeal period with the tax assessor’s office and whose appeal was not settled by the time tax bills were processed will receive a “Temporary Tax Bill” based on 85 percent of the assessors’

proposed valuation or a temporary bill based on 100 percent of the property value if that option was chosen by the taxpayer at the time the appeal was filed.

Appealed bills are also due Dec. 1. Settlement of the appeal will result in either a partial refund or additional taxes due.

If a taxpayer did not appeal their property valuation for 2017, it is too late to do so for this year.

This year’s tax bills again include a QR (Quick Response) Code. The code, when scanned by an iPhone or other smart device, will allow the taxpayer to access the tax commissioner’s website where payment can be made quickly and easily by credit card, with a processing fee added.

The tax commissioner’s office accepts cash, check, debit and credit card payments through

Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express. Credit card payments require a 2.5 percent, plus 30 cents, processing fee.

Online payments can be made on the tax commissioner’s website through PayPal at The same processing fee applies.

“For security reasons, credit card payments are no longer accepted over the phone or by fax,” Ferrell said. E-Checks are also accepted on the website.

Taxpayers are encouraged to mail their payments whenever possible. Payments can also be made through an “after-hours” payment drop box is located at the Perry Street entrance to the tax commissioner’s office. The office is  located in the county administration building at 22 East Broad Street, Newnan.

Office hours are 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday - Friday, except for the third Wednesday in each month when the office opens at 8:30 a.m.