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Small town news

  • By Winston Skinner
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  • Oct. 28, 2017 - 3:53 PM

It sometimes feels to me that Newnan is the center of the universe.

Living and working in downtown Newnan, I pass by city and county offices during the day. One recent Sunday afternoon, I was in my front yard when one of Newnan’s finest pulled into my driveway. I wondered what was wrong until I saw that it was my nephew, Josh Skinner, stopping to wave and say hello.

When I get to thinking Newnan is the nerve center for news, however, the smaller towns remind me lots is happening all over.

This week, I was made aware of newsiness in Senoia, Grantville, Moreland, Sharpsburg and Luthersville. I met with Carol Chancey and Jimmy Haynes in Moreland to talk about all the things the Moreland Cultural Arts Alliance is planning. Full disclosure, I am the president of MCAA, a nonprofit that promotes culture and tourism in Moreland.

Jimmy is our longtime treasurer, and Carol is the person who makes things happen day-to-day. MCAA is looking at bringing music back to the Moreland Mill in 2017, planning a day trip to a site associated with one of the writers on the Southern Literary Trail in Georgia and strengthening our ties with Moreland Elementary School.

Jimmy, Carol and I also spent several minutes looking over the Town of Moreland’s ambitious five-year plan, which is filled with projects that will help Moreland maintain its position as a good place to visit and a great place to live.

Sharpsburg and Luthersville both have big projects on their agendas. Wendell L. Staley Park opened officially in Sharpsburg on Saturday, and Luthersville has a grant to restore the historic bank building in downtown. We’ll have some coverage of both of those stories in the coming week.

On Monday, I filled in for Kandice Bell at the Grantville City Council meeting. Well, not exactly, because there was no meeting. There was no quorum. It appears some council members are playing a game – not showing up for meetings until after the November election.

As an aficionado of politics, I understand the strategy, but I think there is something simply wrong about agreeing to serve in a public position and then deliberately avoiding that responsibility.

Then, finally, there is the story this week about the shutdown of the yard sale at the Church of God of Prophecy. I love that beautiful jewel of a church building in downtown Senoia, and I know the pastor, Phil Bevel, and members are people who show God’s love.

They were trying to raise money to send children to camp, but got caught up in some wrong-headed confusion. There is ongoing discussion in Senoia about outdoor markets. In my mind’s eye, I don’t see church members selling yard sale items on private property for a church project when I hear the words “outdoor market.”

I’m planning to send a donation to help send the church’s young people to camp. If you want to join me, send your check to Church of God of Prophecy, P.O. Box 937, Senoia, GA  30276.

Winston Skinner is the news editor of The Newnan Times-Herald.