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Restaurant Inspections

Restaurant inspections

  • By Clay Neely
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  • Oct. 27, 2017 - 7:52 AM

Food inspections can be conducted during any hours of operation or whenever food is being prepped in the permitted establishment. Inspections are made at varying times to ensure that the food service rules and regulations are being followed. Some establishments have hours after 5 p.m., therefore inspections will be conducted when risk factors can be observed for compliance. Inspectors wear hairnets during checks to protect the food, which is also a requirement for those working around open food.

Using a 41-category checklist, an environmental health specialist checks compliance in safe handling of food, proper disposal of garbage, and other areas.

Canongate On White Oak, 141 Clubview Drive, Newnan-- was inspected on Oct. 3 and received a score of 94-A. Inspector’s comments: Observed dried buildup on slicer, stickers on dishes, and wet-stacked. Dishes should be washed, rinsed, sanitized and air-dried. New violation. Observed scoop without handle in croutons. New violation.

China Chef Buffet, 67 Bullsboro Drive, Newnan -- was inspected on Oct. 11 and received a score of 72-C. Inspector’s comments: Mold on tomatoes. New violation. Food stored uncovered inside walk-in freezer. New violation. Dried food particles on knives stored between table and sink, mold on back wall of ice machine. New violation.

Great China, 1111 Lower Fayetteville Road, Suite 1800, Newnan-- was inspected on Oct. 11 and received a score of 82-B. Inspector’s comments: Egg rolls uncovered stored uncovered inside freezer. New violation. Unlabeled food containers. New violation. Can stored in rice. New violation.

HJ Wings & Things, 31 Market Square,  Newnan -- was inspected on Oct. 3 and received a score of 91-A. Inspector’s comments: Observed black mold-like substance on wall behind dish machine. New violation. Observed dish machine not providing sanitizing on final rinse. The manual dishwashing sink was dispensing sanitizer. New violation.

Subway, 50 Millard Farmer Industrial Blvd., Newnan -- was inspected on Oct. 2 and received a score of 86-B. Inspector’s comments: Observed drink nozzle with heavy buildup, sinks soiled and dishes wet-stacked. New violation. Observed box of cups stored on floor. Observed chemical spray bottles not labeled with contents and labeled with wrong contents. New violation.

Checkers/Auntie Pretzels, 1025 Bullsboro Drive, Newnan--was inspected on Oct. 18 and received a score of 70-C. Inspector’s comments: Employee washed hands in vegetable wash sink. New violation. Chair and bucket blocking handwashing sink. New violation. Bacon and other foods stored uncovered inside freezer. New violation. Dried tomato on slicer. New violation.