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Restaurant inspections

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  • Oct. 14, 2017 - 6:15 PM

The Coweta Board of Environmental Health inspects all Coweta restaurants, schools and businesses that serve food several times each year.

Food inspections can be conducted during any hours of operation or whenever food is being prepped in the permitted establishment. Inspections are made at varying times to ensure that the food service rules and regulations are being followed. Some establishments have hours after 5 p.m. Therefore, inspections will be conducted when risk factors can be observed for compliance. Inspectors wear hair nets during checks to protect the food, which is also a requirement for those working around open food.

Using a 41-category checklist, an environmental health specialist checks compliance in safe handling of food, proper disposal of garbage, and other areas.

Chick-fil-A, 5 Glenda Trace, Newnan – was inspected on Sept. 28 and received a score of 90-A. Inspector’s comments: Scoop handle stored in sugar and shredded cheese inside walk-in cooler. New violation. Single-service lids for tea stored below chemicals. New violation.

Firehouse Subs, 226 Newnan Crossing Bypass, Newnan – was inspected on Sept. 27 and received a score of 90-A. Inspector’s comments: Observed soap at front kitchen hand sink not dispensing. Person in charge repaired it. Observed soap not dispensing in the men’s restroom hand wash sink. Women’s restroom sink has a slow drain that could possibly impede handwashing. New violation.

Fried Tomato Buffet, 1180 Bullsboro Drive, Newnan – was inspected on Sept. 27 and received a score of 90-A. Inspector’s comments: Giblet gravy 118F held on steam table – moved to stove for reheating; corrected on-site. New violation.

Lavender Meadows, Inc., 12 Savannah St., Newnan – was inspected on Sept. 26 and received a score of 71-C. Inspector’s comments: Observed person in charge operating a food service without hot water and sharing kitchen for personal use – living on-site and operating a food service permit. New violation. Observed eggshells stored above ready-to-eat foods in refrigerator; corrected on-site. New violation. Observed chemicals stored above dish sink, clean dish drain board and next to tea urn; corrected on-site. New violation. No hot water available to three-compartment sink or handwashing sinks in kitchen or restrooms. Repeat violation.

Meat-N-Greet, 11 Jefferson St., Newnan – was inspected on Sept. 25 and received a score of 75-C. Inspector’s comments: Dried food particles on slicer and potato slicer. New violation. Dishes stored in vegetable prep sink. New violation. Kitchen staff not wearing hair restraints. New violation.

Mother’s Kitchen, 33 ½ East Broad St., Newnan – was inspected on Sept. 26 and received a score of 86-B. Inspector’s comments: Need certified food safety manager. Provide CFSM certificate within 60 days to the Health Authority – Coweta County Environmental Health. New violation. Observed buildup on drink dispensers. Wash, rinse, sanitize and air-dry equipment. New violation.