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Government should not be in health care business

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  • Oct. 03, 2017 - 8:46 PM

The latest disappointment is wasted on the defunct GOP efforts to change Obamacare when the real concern should be focused on government involvement in health care in the first place.

Where in the Constitution does it mention health care or education for that matter? The elitists in government, entertainment, and academia would have us middle-class to believe we must exchange our personal choice for the common good.

They take our taxes for public education when maybe I want to use it for private schooling of my young-ins'. Because 20 percent of Americans do not have employer-based health care, 80 percent should be required to foot the bill of the lacking, as if my choice to take my hard earned cash for so-called "Cadillac Coverage" is outlandish.

What business is it how I spend my's my money. No different if a rich man buys lobster for lunch. It's still his money, and it helps the lobster fisherman to boot.

Charity is voluntary and admirable. Entitlements requires a little Robin Hood-style legislation and are often rife with fraud. A just society provides for the indigent but should call out those playing the system because of slothful intentions.

Don't hope the Congress finds a way to fix Obamacare. Insist they get out of the health care business and let the free market solve the problem. Half of America is caught-up in a trance that government should make money fall from the skies. No Pollyanna, money comes from money makers and lines the pockets of money takers.

Do the rants of Bernie Sanders sound perfectly reasonable? Folks better wake up quick else this foggy reality of fictitious constitutional rights will blossom into full scale socialism.

Y'all want to be Venezuela? Once there, "choices" are which bread line you stand in. Just sayin'.

Lucas Pepperdine