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Even president has a right to his opinion

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  • Oct. 11, 2017 - 8:22 AM

I like your “sound off” section found on the Opinion page.

I think it is clever of you to have a section which promotes involvement from the public. Some of the posts are quick and witty, while others are… not.

Much like Twitter, the writer is limited in space and can be/is anonymous. The downside of this more often than not, is when a person writes something anonymous, in this case a very short statement, they write out of emotion and without putting much thought to what they write.

They “shoot from the hip,” so to speak. Writing is hard work and requires contemplation. The written word should especially be respected once a person has it printed in a medium for all to see, as the words will remain there forever.

In your 10/4/17 edition a writer, referring to the President, implied that somebody needs to tell him “that the federal government’s powers do not include telling private companies….who to hire and fire and how to handle personnel issues.”

I believe the writer was referring to the recent comments the President made regarding NFL players kneeling during the National Anthem. The problem with the writer’s “sound off” is that the President did not tell/order any private business to do anything. 

He gave his opinion.

The President did use terms like “I think they…” “Wouldn’t you like…” “the NFL should…”

and “kneeling is not acceptable.” These are opinion statements. He never told anyone that they must do something or “x” will happen.

As a citizen of the USA, he is also under the protection of free speech. Whether the “sound off” writer or I agree with his opinions or even if we find the President’s presentation tactless, we must allow and even defend his right to speak freely.

Christopher Thurman