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We’re all in this together

  • By Clay Neely
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  • Sep. 19, 2017 - 9:06 PM

Since the announcement of being named publishers of the oldest business in Coweta County, we've been met with an overwhelming amount of support from our community.

As one of the few family-owned newspapers still around in Georgia, we believe it’s more important than ever to remain as tightly connected to our community as possible.

We enjoy our community, and we think most of our readers do, too. We enjoy knowing what’s going on in town and around the county. But it’s more than just reporting news, it’s a relationship we share with our readers.

As publishers of The Newnan Times-Herald, it’s an honor to provide this information to our community. A vital component of a healthy community is the ability of its citizens to stay informed and involved.

It’s a great feeling to be able to tell our friends what’s going on, whether we’re quelling a rumor or addressing a concern. It all comes from acts of interaction and observation.

Our job is to report only what’s there to be found, and we take great pride in reporting accurate, unbiased news.

When someone has a question or comment, we’re listening. Every person who reads the paper is a stakeholder in The Newnan Times-Herald, and all of you are invaluable. Being able to solve a problem or answer a question is not only our job, it’s a privilege.

Some days the news will be great – stories we’re all proud of and want to share with our friends. Other days, it reminds us that we are human, and that even in our town, we have room for improvement.

Our community is filled with real people leading real lives, achieving real goals, and sometimes, making some real mistakes.

Every week, we read about the newest members of our community in the birth announcements and read the obituaries of our loved ones when they pass away.

We read about our neighbor’s kids excelling on their school’s athletic teams, achieving the rank of Eagle Scout or being named the high school valedictorian.

We read about who left town to pursue a noble career in the military, and who has earned collegiate honors.

We read about when and where the roads will be under construction, why and for how much longer. (And when they’ll fix the timing on the traffic signals.)

We read what the city councils, school board, downtown development authority and county commission are planning, and how much it will cost us, the taxpayers.

We read about 50th wedding anniversaries and birthday milestones.

We read about which of our favorite restaurants sailed through their inspections (and probably still eat there anyway when they don’t).

We read about suspicious activities, drug busts, car chases, fires and accidents and how our local law enforcement took care of it and kept us safe.

We read about those who have been affected by misfortune and how to provide help.

We read about who’s lost their dog, who’s hiring and who’s having a yard sale.

Nowadays, it’s become common practice to pit the media against the general public, and we respectfully disagree with this approach.

News doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It’s a community effort, and we’re all in this together.

As editorialized news slowly becomes the norm, we still believe in presenting our findings in a manner that leaves you to construct your own opinions.

We don’t want to change history, we want to preserve it as accurately as possible – for the record. We’ve been recording Coweta’s history since 1865, and more than ever today we are committed to being the recorder of our history.

We’re a community paper, which means this is your paper, too.

We're looking forward to continuing to learn, grow and celebrate together as a community.

Beth and Clay Neely are the publishers of NTH, which includes The Newnan Times-Herald,, Newnan-Coweta Magazine, Xtra and Coweta Living.