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We are at fault

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  • Sep. 12, 2017 - 10:36 PM

It takes almost 17 minutes for 1,000 seconds to pass, and almost 12 days for 1 million seconds to pass. To understand what 1 trillion is 31,709.8 years must whiz by for 1 trillion seconds to pass. Politicians have indebted our country to the tune of $20 trillion. Considering paying said debt off, it is beyond my imagination. We continue to re-elect the same people to borrow more to feed this insatiable appetite for spending. Therefore we are at fault for the mess we find ourselves in.

The United States of America, since becoming a corporation many years ago, no longer adheres to the Constitution all elected officials (i.e., politicians) swore to defend and protect. While defending and protecting, the do not have to obey it unless "We The People" study, learn, and put the learning to use. We must become knowledgeable in history and force adherence to the law of the land, our Constitution. Reading some "Sound Off" comments in this publication I feel almost hopeless.

We are in trouble. Those of us who pay taxes, care for our country, family and neighbors, must be more active in pursuit of a return to common sense and personal responsibility. The answer is out there. It is up to us to find it and make it work. Draining the swamp is a start.


Keith Crosby