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Voter registration deadline approaching, SPLOST projects listed

  • By Sarah Fay Campbell
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  • Sep. 29, 2017 - 9:00 AM

The voter registration deadline for the Nov. 7 election is rapidly approaching.

Cowetans who wish to vote in the Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax referendum, or city elections, must be registered to vote by Oct. 10.

If you’ve recently moved to the city limits of one of the municipalities holding city elections, and have not updated your address, you’ll need to do that by Oct. 10 to be eligible to vote in the city elections.

There will be city elections in Senoia, Grantville, Sharpsburg, Turin, Palmetto and Chattahoochee Hills. Only residents inside the city limits are eligible to vote in city elections. A mailing address with a city or town, or a specific zip code, does not indicate whether or not an address is within the city limits.

There are many ways to register to vote or to update your voter registration with a change of address. You can register online – or check your voter registration status – at

You can also register at the Coweta County Voter Registration Office, 22 East Broad St., Newnan, or with a paper form that is mailed in. You can download paper forms at or find them at various locations including libraries.

For more information, contact the voter registration office at 770-254-2615.

The county-wide SPLOST referendum is on the proposed extension of the 1-percent sales tax for six more years, starting Jan. 1, 2019. The current SPLOST ends Dec. 31, 2018. County SPLOSTs last six years.

Under state law, proceeds from a SPLOST tax can only be used for capital projects, not personnel or operations. A list of projects must be determined before the vote.

The sales tax revenue is divided amongst Coweta and its municipalities. The division is based on population, point of sale and service delivery and is included in the intergovernmental agreement.

Coweta County gets 66.65 percent and Newnan gets 26.94 percent. The rest of the municipalities get a significantly smaller share – 2.94 percent for Senoia, 2.3 percent for Grantville, 0.3 percent for Moreland, 0.26 percent for Sharpsburg, 0.25 percent for, Turin, 0.23 percent for Palmetto, and 0.13 percent for Haralson.

If approved, the SPLOST is expected to collect up to $140 million.

Before the money is divided amongst the county and cities, money will be taken off the top for “Level II” projects for Coweta 911 and Coweta Emergency Management.

The Level II projects include new radio consoles at Coweta 911, with a cost of $1.15 million, a public safety radio system upgrade of $1.5 million, new ambulances at a cost of $2.78 million and ambulance equipment of $6.18 million.

The approved project lists are as follows:

• Haralson

Roads, streets, bridges and sidewalks: $68,831

Parks and recreation: $95,127

Public safety, animal control and municipal court: $10,000

Total: $173,958

• Palmetto

Public safety: $307,772

Total: $307,772

• Turin

Water system: $50,000

Roads, streets, bridges and sidewalks: $202,535

Public safety: $10,000

Stormwater system: $25,000

Wastewater system: $5,000

Parks and recreation: $10,000

City hall and community center: $32,000

Total: $334,535

• Sharpsburg

Roads, streets and bridges: $80,916

Cultural, recreational and historical facilities: $147,000

Utility projects: $120,000

Total: $347,916

• Moreland

Roads, streets, sidewalks and trails: $252,442

Old Mill and town hall: $100,000

Museum and culture: $14,000

Cemetery Improvements: $35,000

Total: $401,442

• Grantville

Roads, streets, bridges and sidewalks: $1,109,082

Utility infrastructure and equipment improvements: $376,810

City hall, freight depot, passenger depot and auditorium renovations: $338,360

Parks, recreation and culture facility improvements: $338,360

Public safety equipment and improvements: $338,360

Historic preservation - facilities and improvements: $288,375

Downtown revitalization/streetscape: $288,375

Total: $3,077,772

• Senoia

Parks and recreation: $1,435,000

Public safety: $699,132

Roads, streets, bridges and sidewalks: $1,500,000

Public works: $300,000

Total: $3,934,132

• Newnan

Street, sidewalk and drainage maintenance: $6,001,193

Street, intersection and sidewalk improvements: $4,000,000

Lower Fayetteville Road project match: $4,000,000

Heavy equipment: $1,000,000

Public safety training facility: $1,750,000

Fire trucks: $1,500,000

Path and linear parks: $7,000,000

Parks and leisure service facilities: $7,000,000

Information systems network upgrades: $193,469

Water and sewer improvements (Newnan Utilities) $2,679,830

Newnan Utilities parks: $800,000

Newnan Utilities SCADA computer system expenses: $125,000

Total: $36,049,492

Coweta County:

911 Center renovation/expansion: $900,000

Public safety radio towers connection: $100,000

Fire station renovations: $1,664,000

Apparatus replacement: $3,736,000

Madras Community Center: $2,500,000

Park renovations and trails: $2,700,000

Northgate/Collinsworth area community center: $900,000

Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) patrol division renovations: $750,000

CCSO Motorola console upgrade: $200,000

CCSO vehicle replacements: $3,000,000

CCSO equipment and technology: $1,450,000

Roads, bridges, culverts and sidewalks: $71,287,031

Total: $89,187,031