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Turin water shouldn’t be a political issue

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  • Sep. 12, 2017 - 10:36 PM

This column is in response to the Aug. 27 article referencing Turin water. I, as a long-time mayor of Turin, am surprised and disappointed by such inflammatory claims in this highly politicized election year.

The pictures that were included in the article are a little over a year old and look to be the result of a flushing event. Every water system around the state of Georgia could/would see this for a period of time following the flushing of water lines. We have addressed every issue as it comes up, and the overwhelming majority of our customers are satisfied.

The Turin/Sharpsburg water system was established in 1965 by both towns for the purpose of establishing a continued and reliable water source where there wasn’t one at the time in Coweta County. We drilled down nearly 400 feet to an aquifer that covers most of Georgia, and bring up extremely clean water. This water is naturally filtered, treated minimally per the standards of the Georgia Environmental Protection Division, and then delivered to our customers.

Make no mistake, this is well water, and some of the best I have tasted around – and most would attest to that.

There are byproducts in well water, and some of that is mineral sediment on occasion and some smell, especially associated with an unclean or unmaintained hot water heater. Both sediment and odor can be remedied locally at the home with minimal cost, but Turin is looking into a system-wide solution that would take out the minerals that cause issues with appliances and pipes (iron and such) and would allow for our already pure water to be the most pristine around.

The Turin/Sharpsburg system already uses ready-read remote meters, electronic delivery and monitoring of chemicals added to water (currently only chlorine and phosphates per the EPD), and the highest security of our well through video and remote monitoring of pressure issues and system operation.

We have a 20-year contract with Coweta County Water and Sewerage Authority that we use as our primary backup to the system and are very proud to have it. We have also just signed a 20-year contract with our neighbors in Sharpsburg.

Recently, we have replaced our pump that lasted 10 years beyond its service life. While the pump was out of service, we were on Coweta County Water and Sewer Authority water for a brief period.

The water system had zero complaints this year prior to this pump change while on our own Turin water. This new pump will allow for more efficient and reliable delivery of water to our customers.

We appreciate all of our customers in Turin, Sharpsburg, and the surrounding areas, and we look forward to serving you for many years to come. Please don’t hesitate to contact our town at any time with any concern at 770-599-0777 or me personally at 404-539-8212.

Alan Starr is the mayor of Turin.