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The carving should remain as history

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  • Sep. 06, 2017 - 4:32 AM

My family and I arrived in Georgia in 1975, and after some time in Savannah, we moved to College Park, and finally to Coweta County in 1983. Georgia has been a fine place for my son to grow, and he has enjoyed all the schools he has attended and has learned much from each of them.

As a transplanted Southerner, I was very impressed the first time I was able to go to Stone Mountain and see the monument and all the displays that go with it. The history story that tells how difficult the carving was to do, and that it was started by the man who carved Mount Rushmore, was fascinating to me.

As a teaching tool the carving on Stone Mountain is a much more valuable work of art, and more special than any of the statues that are so numerous around the state, but I think all of them should be saved for the same reason, but especially the one on Stone Mountain.

When the laser show comes to the part where the sword is broken and all the fighting and bloodshed stops, I think the entire audience is moved. That short period of time, that happens many times a year, is enough to believe that this monument must not be removed.

The North did not win the Civil War, and the South did not lose the Civil War, but the United States became united again to become what it is today, and we must be reminded again and again that we must all be mindful of history or we bound to repeat all the mistakes we have made in our history.

Frank Ladd