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Storm’s lightning bolts illuminate America

  • By The Newnan Times-Herald
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  • Sep. 20, 2017 - 9:39 PM

In the midst of the sudden thunder, lightning and accompanying downpour, I went out on my porch to watch the rain, the storm, the wind.

It was fierce; a real show of God’s power in the heavens, bringing great drops to earth. I thought of the people in Houston and how this downpour of rain and wind is nothing compared to the violent onslaught of Harvey, and now, Irma.

As the rain beat down, my American Flag was drooping pretty badly. She’s out there in all kinds of weather, lighted and weather-ready. As I watched, the wind picked up, and I found myself saying “Come on, Old Girl, you can do it! You can fly.”

My thoughts picked up with the wind: “You must not be weighed down with the wind of noisy politics, the rain of our complaints and gripes and dissatisfaction that things aren’t going our way all the time, or any of the time, in America.”

The lightning that flashes across the sky with unleashed nearly blinding power, is it the light we need to see of what needs to be done in our America? Flashing brilliantly for split seconds, scattering light in places unnoticed in the day? The thunder seemed to shake my porch as I stood in awe.

The rain did not stop. We needed the rain in our county. We are grateful for it though my Old Glory Girl is now sopping, soaking, dripping wet. I thought of taking her down. But, no, she is an all-weather Girl. She is lighted, and her stripes are still red and white. Her field is still that beautiful blue with stars that will shine again.

Though thunderous, sky splitting storms sweep across America, thoughtful citizens know that God is in control of the weather, in control of our universe. Though we are drenched by trial and trouble, America does not kneel to any but God because we are after all, as the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America says: One nation under God. No comma, no pause. ONE Nation under God.

As the rain pounds, I am grateful for our Flag and its representation of America that stands tall though some will only kneel when she is to be honored. I am grateful that the red stripes still remind those thoughtful citizens of the red-blooded American men and women who are still fighting and winning somewhere and ready to spill that red blood for the rights of others, whether they agree with their beliefs or not.

As the wind blows and catches my Old Glory Girl, I pray – I know that she will fly high time after time. And even in the wind and rain and thunder and lightning, may we as citizens put aside our thunderings, and stand tall because we are after all One Nation under God.

Brenda Davison Jessel